Easy To Love

I never styled my hair to please anyone. If I ever dressed a certain way, or wanted to impress a special someone, I just can not think of a time when I thought that my hair style would be the way to get someones attention. I think we (women) take our hair so seriously and personally, that we almost never use it (or abuse it) to impress others. We style our hair to PLEASE OURSELVES.

Every time we walk by that mirror, the hair better be great, right? And if it is, we can conquer the world of anything. Interesting, isn’t it? So we style the hair to impress the lady we see in the mirror, and if she is happy then we can be happy too.

I am somewhat stuck in the 80’s with my hair, and that makes me happy. I love the volume, I love my roots to be up for more volume and height on top (hence HIclips, right?). That makes me feel confident and at home with myself.

The color is not that important to me but lately I do prefer my natural color (dark brown) since my guy loves it that way. He loves my dark brown hair and that makes me feel great, and makes me appreciate my natural colors even more. He loves any hair cut I have (or had)  as long as I am happy with it. He makes my job of loving myself super easy.

Was I lucky to find a guy that loves the features I have, or do I love the features I have well enough to make myself attractive to him? I guess I’ll never know but I bet both are true.

I think the more we love our natural features, the more happy, confident, and therefore attractive we become to our partner. The easier it is for them to love and enjoy us.

The way we love our bodies, the way we hide or reveal what is natural about us, send strong signals to people around us. When SHE walks in the room with no make up on, with her hair exactly how SHE wants it to be, and her every move showing off every feature of her body, SHE is easy to love.

Yours, B



The Honest Confidence

There is nothing more beautiful and attractive than CONFIDENCE, the one that is based on acceptance and approval of what is given to us by nature. This is what I call the honest confidence. This type of confidence simply belongs to us by birth, and it was the best gift ever given to us by our biological parents. No matter what we look like, we are perfect just the way we are. That is why I call it the honest confidence.

Not many of us are claiming it for some reason. It is one of many forgotten treasures which we just decide to sit on and never really put to proper use. Imagine sitting on a billion dollars, kind of knowing that it is there but you just keep procrastinating on making a decision how to use it. Such a shame, right?!! So go ahead and use your confidence that is based on exactly what you have. It is honestly yours, and it was given only to you and it is what makes you you. Enjoy it, don’t waste it. Your partner will love it.

Be beautiful, be confident.

Uniquely, B



Beach Hair Don’t Care

I’m starting to like the beach hair look more and more.

The simplicity of it is easy to love, and the idea of being so casual about your own hair creates this mood of casual confidence. Not “in your face” confidence but the confidence that is found in slightly messy but clean and high quality clothes put together with purpose and sense of visual balance.

Confidence is in the hair that is cut to match your face, your style, and your life….the hair that you nourish with conditioners, oils, proper nutrition, the hair that your fingers touch every happy or nervous moment….the hair that is you.

Show it off, put some sea salt spray on, add some volume with HIclips, and be whom ever you are supposed to be, just a bit more confident and laid back. We will notice.

The “Hair Heels”

We wear heels to elongate our legs and create a longer and sexier body, so why not try the same trick with our hair?

The height on top of your head will visually elongate your face (and figure) and give you that extra “model umpf”, if you know what I mean. Just take a look at these ladies…

You’ll never look at hair the same way 🙂