The Honest Confidence

There is nothing more beautiful and attractive than CONFIDENCE, the one that is based on acceptance and approval of what is given to us by nature. This is what I call the honest confidence. This type of confidence simply belongs to us by birth, and it was the best gift ever given to us by our biological parents. No matter what we look like, we are perfect just the way we are. That is why I call it the honest confidence.

Not many of us are claiming it for some reason. It is one of many forgotten treasures which we just decide to sit on and never really put to proper use. Imagine sitting on a billion dollars, kind of knowing that it is there but you just keep procrastinating on making a decision how to use it. Such a shame, right?!! So go ahead and use your confidence that is based on exactly what you have. It is honestly yours, and it was given only to you and it is what makes you you. Enjoy it, don’t waste it. Your partner will love it.

Be beautiful, be confident.

Uniquely, B