For You, My Girl

Remember that wild hair thick eyebrow girl that YOU were in your teens, the one who always thought she should be prettier, older, better in some way? Don’t you wish you knew better back then, and that you could tell her (you) how beautiful she was?

Well, you can talk to her even today, because she is still in you today, she never left you.

You can still tell her that her hair is so pretty and perfect, you can tell her to appreciate her skin, and all of her features. She needs to hear that so she can make YOU more confident and happy.

So hear me, my beautiful teenage girl. Your hair is perfect, your features are outstanding. Enjoy all of the natural you, go easy on scissors, tweezers, makeup, and hair color….. Be proud of what your DNA gave you and show it off to the world around you. Your beauty and confidence will make us all a little younger, and much more alive. We love you as you.

Your hair is beautiful. You are beautiful. Everything else is just noise.

Yours, B