Who is She?

Who is this girl?

Have you ever seen a pretty girl on the street and wished you knew her? She walks like she is going somewhere important, she’s a little late but not in a big rush. It’s a friendly meeting. The only reason she is late is because she was so excited that she took a few extra minutes to find something special to wear. She’s happy to be going where she is going and she is smiling as she walks a little faster, thinking of whom she will be meeting.

Her hair is so free, healthy and a little messy. Her hair is perfect. Her clothes are simple and well put together.

She is you when you are in the moment, she is me when I am about to meet a dear friend or expecting a hug from someone close. She is just simply her…. not a version of her obsessed with how she looks and why doesn’t she look better….she is just her.

So be in that moment when you are you, when you have someplace nice to get to, and when you know that just showing up as you are will be enough and great.  Let others think “Who is she?” as they walk by you….they will make room for you.

Run your fingers through your clean hair to make it a little messy before you go out. Perfect. Go. You on.

Yours, B 🙂